What Are Honey Extractors

04 May

 The process of honey extraction is by getting the honey from the beehive frame.  The process of centrifugal force is the force that helps extract the honey from its beehive frame, in order to help the honey come out from its honey comb, and eventually capturing the honey in a reservoir or a tank. Before, people would use only their bare hands to extract honey, however, it was soon realized that it requires too much time and work that is why, honey extractors were created. The creation of honey extractors are mostly made up of stainless steel due to its durability, resilience and its convenience especially when it needs to be cleaned.

 The safe extraction of honey from the honey comb is one of the main reasons why honey extractors should be used as it is very important not to damage the honey comb during the duration of the extraction.  Another positive effect of using honey extractor in harvesting honey is that, it reassured you that the comb is still intact and undamaged even if you have already finished harvest the honey.  It is indeed recommended to use honey extractor in harvesting the honey from its comb since it is convenient to use and you can use it in a swift. When you uncap the comb, you will be reassured that you are doing the right thing just as long as you are using the honey extractor.  When extracting the honey from its comb, you can either use the wooden honey extractor, or the stainless steel, however, it is much advisable to use the stainless steel honey extractor due to the benefits it gives.  Despite the fact that you can use wooden honey extractor to a much cheaper cost, the quality of the ones harvested with the use of the stainless steel extractor is much cleaner and better.

 The harvesting of honey from the honey comb is by the use of drum where the honey will be stored, a tap is then outfitted in it to allow the flow of honey that came out from the honey extractor.  It is best to remove the honey after the extraction if you want that your harvest of honey will come smooth and fast.  It is best to remove the honey right away from the extractor since it will affect the spin of the extractor.  There are also different types of honey extractors which you can rely on if you want to harvest honey.  Check EbeeHQ to learn more.

 Although there are several types of honey extractors, they only have the same purposes, but they only differ in the features they possess. Check this site for more info.

The market sells both manual honey extractors and the electric powered honey extractors. Visit https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Started-Beekeeping  for other references.

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